The process of energising a service or product to stand head and shoulders above the rest.
Be a go-getter in the wild, camouflage is not our colour.


A successful business starts with a strong brand. You have to mark your stripes.

Just as no two zebras have the same stripe pattern, no two brands have the same DNA.

We understand branding as nurturing a unique personality. At Conde, we will work with you to strategically paint on each unique stripe. Each stripe consisting of a liberal dose in creativity backed by clinical research and communication development.

Together, we build a brand that stands out in the wild.

1. Name your brand

2. Build your brand

3. Define your brand internally

3) Define your brand internally


Your brand must first be communicated and embraced by your senior management and across all corporate levels. Only then is it ready to be effectively marketed.

We work together with our clients to develop an efficient internal communication involving company executives and team members.

4. Embracing the market


A tweet here and a chirp there are casual chats that get lost amongst the chatter, as strong brands, we seek effective communication to cut through all the random chatter.

We want to energise your marketing communications, create fresh approaches, and define a channel strategy for efficient communication.

In today’s connected age, a well-planned communication strategy allows your beautiful song to heard and makes the most to your marketing budgets. Kill two birds with one strategic stone.

1. Effective channels

2. Good timing

3. Greater relevance

3) Greater relevance


Any communication is more effective when met by a receptive mind. By understanding consumer behaviour patterns we can customise communication content that is more relevant – resulting in a more positive response.


We tell your story, a story that resonates and connects.

No copycats, no catfishing, just catching storytelling.

A story that starts with a big idea, where our multi-cultural team will refine and polish to develop visuals, copies, and strategies that hook, line and reel.


1. Create a compelling story

1) Create a compelling story


People retain and recall stories. This is how most of us were raised, by listening to stories. When developing advertising campaigns, we focus on translating the message into a simple and engaging story. After all, this is how we engage consumers with brands.


2. Set clear objectives


3. Content for media channels


4. Monitor results


Digital is the present and the future, where instant feedback allows us to cut through the ice and consistently deliver optimized dialogue to consumers.

Providing personalized messaging to different target groups with different look and feel, so keep your cool and stay relevant at all times.


1. Define your audience

1) Define your audience


Digital channels are one-on-one communication avenues which demand clearly defined audiences. Just like when we speak to a group of people, the message and the way it is presented is tailored to this group.
When we start developing a website, a social media page or an integrated campaign, we know we are communicating one-on-one with individuals, so our first job is to understand who they are – their social groups, habits, likes and dislikes as well as gender, age, location . . .


2. Objectives, goals and conversions

3. What is in there for me?

4. Monitor trends and responses


Conde has managed a great number of design projects that we are privileged to be a part of.

From exhibition design for trade shows and museums to posters and signages to product and packaging design, we do it all.

No challenge is too hard, as we are tough as a woodpecker and will dig through to create new and innovative solutions.

1. Setting objectives

1) Setting objectives


We work with our clients to define user experiences – The intrinsic functionalities of the product and how these enhance consumer experience. Be it a cake box, a museum exhibit . . . or any other product designed for a unique customer experience.

2. Production guidelines

3. Creative design process

4. Production


Eight years ago Conde established a specialist event management team, supporting clients through event logistics and creative solutions to deliver high-quality experiential events.

Whatever event challenge you throw at us, we will catch it with our creative flow, grind our muscles and add Conde charm to deliver events that engage and leave a stomp mark.

1. Defining objectives

1) Defining objectives


Most often events are a component of a wider branding exercise. Thus, we assist our clients in aligning events with other communication strategies implemented by the brand so that the event is an extension of the brand experience. Be it for their customers, team members or other stakeholders.

2. Defining the event experience

3. Logistics & pre-event management

4. Onsite management


Where markets, media and technologies are constantly evolving, we change our spots to continuously analyse, adapt, and improve, better addressing the changing habits of communities we connect with.

Technology is our friend that we embrace and pounce to take advantage of this new frontier.